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Because they’ll give you the bookshop that has been missing in Copenhagen. Ark books will read all the books and choose the best ones for the shop for you to read. They’ll invite all the writers and all the translators to their shop for you to listen to. If they live in Antarctica Ark books will invite you and all your friends to Skype. Ark books will bring world literature to the Danes and Danish literature to the citizens of the world. The shelves will contain carefully chosen literature ranging from new to old, from narrow to wide. The shop is run by volunteers so all money made will be used to getting more books, more events, more of everything good.

They need your help because you love books and they love books. But books cost money and they don’t have any. They’re non-profit and they are making this bookshop, because it’s what they have been dreaming about for years. But they still need money to buy approximately 1001 books and a sofa and a desk. Unfortunately, dreams bring them nowhere, if they have no money. So will you help them?




Student of comparative literature, organizer of weekly literary events, grew up in the woods of northern jutland. reads for pleasure even when it is unpleasant. Writes but hates it. Experiences what peter brooks would call narrative desire when she wakes up from a dream before it is finished.



Studies comparative literature in Berlin and Canterbury. Has previously worked and interned in the fields of bookselling and publishing in Denmark, England and Germany. Writes grocery lists in three languages and dreams of one day publishing multilingual poetry collections.



Studies comparative literature, works in an antiquarian bookshop and teaches French and Danish. Organizes books by color and author and dreams about moving back to Paris, traveling Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Became interested in literature when reading Karen Blixen as a teenager.



Studies Danish literature and cultural journalism and organizes weekly events concerning contemporary writing. Is an insatiable globe-trotter feasting on the world’s everlasting cultural buffet. This curiosity also influences her passion for books. Seeks and embraces the most delicate literature wherever she goes.



Student of law and economics and culturally engaged organizer of weekly literary events. Writes from necessity and has a thing for certain French 60s novelists. Continuously aims to solve the unsolvable riddle of how to poeticize the heaviness of her current nonfictional reading.

So will you help them?

Support them here

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